You care about your child more than anything, which is why you did your research to find the best driving school in Connecticut. However, sending your child to Fresh Green Light is just the first part of the equation. We are only with your child for eight hours of driver’s ed instruction, and while we definitely fit a lot in during this time, that simply isn’t enough to keep your child safe on the road.

That’s where parent practice comes into play. All states require a certain amount of practice hours that you must complete with your children; however, it’s how you use this time that can have the biggest impact.

Why Is It Important for Parents to Practice with Teens?

Many people incorrectly assume that the high teenage crash rate is equated to their immaturity, and while that may play a role, The New York Times recently reported that the biggest differentiator between teenagers who crashed and those who didn’t was the variance of practice the teenagers were able to get with their parents. It wasn’t the amount of time behind the wheel, it was how this time was used. Teenagers who had practice under different road conditions and situations were able to perform better when faced with the real world of driving.

What Should Parents Be Teaching?

Unfortunately, most parents simply stick to the safe and easy routes and just try to log the required driving hours. Instead, they should be using the time to incorporate as many unique situations as possible. Take them out in the snow. Have them drive during rush hour. Let them take the wheel when it’s raining. Sticking to only sunny days and light traffic does little to prepare teens for what driving is really like.

When you take your child out into these situations, it’s also important to let them try to solve the problems on their own instead of giving them a step-by-step tutorial. Only step in when the situation becomes dangerous—because once they get their license, you won’t be there to guide every turn.

Additionally, you should make sure to repeat over and over the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. We emphasize this in our Connecticut driving schools, but the more people they hear it from, the better. Many teenagers think they are invincible behind the wheel, and it is vitally important that they realize they are not.

Just like most things in life, it is hands-on practice that plays the biggest role in how likely your child is to crash once they get their license. So yes, send them to Fresh Green Light so they can receive the best driving instruction, and then put in the time AND the effort to give your children the real-life exposure they will need to manage the road on their own.

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