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Car accidents are the number one killer of teens in the U.S.

Since we opened our door in 2009, over 10,000 students have gone through our driver training school.

We’re really proud that our driving school students have an accident rate of 12.5% their first year of driving, compared to the national average of nearly 50%.

Sources: Fresh Green Light Graduate Survey 2009-2017;
Car and Driver, June 2010

Fresh Green Light Driving School Accident Rate

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Our exclusive DriveTracker App helps you log your GDL practice driving hours. It also scores your drives to help you improve your driving skills. Practice makes perfect!

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This is a great course. Well structured, great information and they make it easy for your teen to get to class and learn what she needs to know. My daughter learned to drive--and passed her test on the first try!!!-- and I learned a few things too; there have been many changes in driving laws. Between the teen classes and parent class, where I became a more aware driver, my daughter gained the skills and knowledge that made us both feel more confident about her being on the road alone. Thank you!

Scotty Reiss

Greenwich Parent

As "boring" as my teenager said the classroom lessons were, he would spit out information during our drives that surprised me. The quality of in class and in car lessons was impressive. Yes, booking drives online could be difficult at times, but I found that if you contacted the Greenlight crew, they would bend over backwards to work with you. Numerous times we had to change something, and their attitude was always, "no problem!" My one suggestion would be for the parents to take the parent class early on in this process. VERY informative! It will help when you're teaching your child.

Danielle Fitz

Darien Parent

I had a wonderful experience with Fresh Green Light. The instructors make you feel comfortable both on the road and in the classroom. You can come to class based around YOUR schedule, which is very convenient. I felt well prepared for my test, and I feel confident in understanding the rules of the road, thanks to Fresh Green Light

Meg O'Gara

Fairfield Student

Very happy with the staff. Energetic and enthusiastic about what they are doing. We found it easy to schedule behind the wheel sessions and when we missed a class, scheduling a make up was easy. Terrific streamlined process. Behind the wheel teacher was fun, humorous, and put my daughter at ease.

Nancy Treleven

Lake Forest Parent

Fresh Green Light Driver's Education

Fresh Green Light Voted Best Driving School In Fairfield County, CT By 2020 Fairfield Magazine Readers for the 3rd year in a row!

At Fresh Green Light, we are on a mission to help today’s new drivers hit the road with confidence, knowing they are the safest driver they can be. We also strive to provide a driver’s ed experience that students actually enjoy (no, it’s not an oxymoron)…


Learn Parallel Parking

Parallel Parking. Two word that strike fear into every Driver Education Student. No need to worry anymore. Our simple and helpful driver’s education instructional videos talk you through the basics of not only Parallel Parking, but K-Turns (aka 3 Point Turns) and Back-In Parking.  Helpful for driving training students and parents alike!


Fresh Green Light Driver's Education

Our Driving School

Fresh Green Light was created by concerned parents Steve Mochel and Laura Shuler to provide a teen driver education that was more convenient, more effective and more engaging than traditional driving schools.  Using progressive learning techniques, energetic driving teachers/instructors and leading edge technology, Fresh Green Light has been recognized as one of the most innovative emerging small businesses in the United States. We currently offer drivers ed in CT and IL.


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