Drive Tracker App

A key part of the learner’s permit process is getting the required amount of practice driving hours logged, but tracking these hours can be complicated. Effective driving schools are ones that make it very clear, to both the driver and their parents, that completing and maybe even exceeding the required hours is key to creating safe teen drivers. Our newly released DriveTracker app makes the entire process of practice driving a lot easier and a lot more efficient.

Why You Need It

Yes, it is true that you can complete the requirements for a graduated driver’s license by tracking hours on your own, but the DriveTracker app makes the entire process smoother. It tracks your hours right within the app so you can easily see how many you have left. We’ve created versions for Illinois, New York and Connecticut so you’re tracking the right amount of hours for your state.

Additionally, the app gives you immediate feedback in an unbiased, matter-of-fact format, so you can see where you can improve as a driver. It is imperative to catch your driving mistakes as you are learning so that you can correct them before they become a habit. As a student, the time spent with your driving instructor and your parents is to make sure you become a safe driver, and our DriveTracker app provides an extra layer of feedback to make sure you can safely drive on your own.

What It Does

The DriveTracker app has two main purposes: to track your driving hours and to score how effective you are at driving safely. The app separates both day and nighttime hours (based on your state requirements) to ensure you are getting all of your GDL requirements met. Once the drive is complete, you will receive a score based on your braking and accelerating habits, any distractions, and your speed. There are also links to video tutorials on driving skills that can help you become a better driver, and prepare for your Road Test.

Add-On Subscription for Even More Data

If you are serious about being the best driver and strive to be a star student at your driving school, then our additional subscription option is for you. For just $5/month, you will receive more in-depth data so you can further improve your driving skills. Learn your average speeding rate, how likely you are to run a red light, and if you are rolling through stop signs. By recognizing these habits now and correcting them, you can avoid many costly tickets and potential accidents in the future.

Fresh Green Light is the only driving school in the US that features an app like DriveTracker, and we are proud to be able to offer this valuable tool to not only our driver’s education students, but to any new drivers for free in the App Store and Google Play. We are dedicated to making today’s new drivers the safest generation yet, and we know this app paired with our driver’s ed program is an excellent first step. To learn more about our driving schools and approach, contact us now.

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