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It is the back-to-school time of the year. Children are out in force in the early morning and mid-afternoon hours going to and from school, on foot, on their bikes, or waiting for a school bus. With the change in back-to-school habits, it is more important to be vigilant as you drive through residential areas and near schools.

Here are 4 back-to-school driving tips you should consider:

Slow down. The speed limit in a school zone will vary based on the type of roadway the school zone is in, but it could be as low as ten or fifteen miles per hour. Regardless of the school zone speed, it will be significantly lower than the speed that is posted in other parts of the same roadway. Pay attention to those school zone speed limits and slow down.

Watch sidewalks. Most children are told to ride their bikes on the sidewalk for safety. Whether they are walking or riding, there will be children crossing streets at crosswalks. When you come to an intersection or crosswalk, stop far enough back so you can see if there are pedestrians coming up to the intersection on the sidewalk.

Practice safe driving. Stop completely at all stop signs, use your turn signal when changing lanes or turning, and look both ways before coming into an intersection to make a turn. Children are harder to see and they may move unexpectedly.

Do not pass a stopped school buses. Never ever pass a stopped school bus when its lights are flashing. There could be children coming from either side of the street, meaning they could be crossing in front of traffic to get to the bus.

At Fresh Green Light, we work with teen drivers to help them be safe and confident behind the wheel. But teen drivers learn a lot from their parents. Be a good example for them every day. Remind them of these tips as they drive to school. Being a safe driver should not be turned on and off; it should be part of every drive.

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