At Fresh Green Light, we are on a mission to help today’s new drivers hit the road with confidence, knowing they are the safest driver they can be. We also strive to provide a driver’s ed experience that students actually enjoy (no, it’s not an oxymoron). As parents ourselves, we know that if a teenager is going to pay enough attention to actually learn and retain the information, they need to have fun while doing it.

So when we were informed that we were voted the “Best Driving School” by the readers of Fairfield Magazine, we were ecstatic. Not only are our students and their parents feeling confident in their driving skills after leaving our driver’s ed in CT, they enjoyed the experience enough to vote for us.

About the Award for “Best Driving School in Fairfield County”

This year, Fairfield Magazine conducted their first annual Reader’s Choice Awards. As the name implies, the readers of the magazine got to vote on all types of their favorite things in CT, including restaurants, salons, doctors, stores, and, of course schools. Over 800 readers from Black Rock, Fairfield, and Southport participated in the vote, and the results were announced on January 15, 2018.

Where Are the Results Distributed?

Initially, the results of the vote were published online, and they are also being distributed to 13,000 homes by mail in the Fairfield Town Guide. The March/April 2018 issue contains the results, and the guide can also be found around town in libraries, realtor offices, and town offices. As a winner, we also received an official award sticker in the mail with our own copy of the publication.

What Makes Fresh Green Light the Best Driving School in Fairfield, CT?

By now, you are probably wondering what makes us so special. After all, there are a lot of driving schools in CT, and they probably have some decent driving instructors. But we do things differently. Fresh Green Light is dedicated to engaging our students. We provide educational, yet entertaining, courses taught by enthusiastic driving instructors. We also integrate progressive learning strategies and cutting-edge technology to make sure our driving school in CT continues to rise above the competition.

If you or your child is going to require driver’s ed in CT soon, then contact us today. Our effective methods and proven strategies will ensure you or your teen gets behind the wheel knowing everything they need to know to stay safe. Why would you choose anything but the best driving school in Fairfield County, Connecticut for such an important education?

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