Getting pulled over is nerve-wracking for everyone from experienced drivers to teenagers. And if you act the wrong way, you could inadvertently get in a lot more trouble than you would otherwise. This is part of the idea behind the new Illinois law that requires all driving schools in Illinois to teach their students the right way to act and what to do when getting pulled over. Here is a look at what this new law entails, as well a quick rundown on how to handle a traffic stop.

About the Illinois Law

Many people aren’t sure how to act when they get pulled over. Whether they get pulled over for a burnt-out headlight or for speeding, it is an intense experience seeing those red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. And there have been more and more stories in the news of traffic stops gone bad simply because the driver didn’t act in the best way.

The new law adds a section to the Illinois Rules of the Road handbook titled “Being Pulled Over by Law Enforcement.” This addition is required to be taught by both public and private driving schools in Illinois. And it is an effort to make sure every new driver understands what a police officer expects from them when they get pulled over. Essentially, it is giving all students the correct information instead of them having to collect advice from people who are not experts on the subject.

How to Handle a Traffic Stop

While our Illinois driver’s education goes into much more detail about the subject, this is a brief overview of what to do when you get pulled over:

  • Always be respectful. Whether you think you did anything wrong or not, talk to the police officer politely and do not argue with what they say.
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel. This lets the police officer know that you aren’t reaching for anything that may be harmful to them.
  • Do not make any sudden movements. Again, the police officer needs to know they are safe.
  • When asked for your license and registration, tell the police officer where you are going to reach to retrieve it for them. Tell them it is in your glove box or above your visor so they know what to expect.

When you are a new driver, there is a lot to learn. Not only do you have to learn the abundance of a laws and rules of the road, you also have to learn the proper etiquette for when you get pulled over. Ideally, you will always follow all of the traffic laws and you will never need this information, but it is always better to know it just in case you do—and now, it is the law to learn it.

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