Online Classes @ FGL

Classes will remain online for the remainder of 2020 – we will not be holding in-person classes at any location.

Online Classes @ FGL

Classes are conducted online via Zoom Webinar for both 30 hour and 8 hour students.

  • Students can begin taking classes on their 16th birthday;
    • Learner’s Permits are NOT required for classes.
  • All students who are 16 & 17 years old MUST attend the Parent/Teen Class Online with at least one of their parents. In addition:
    • 30 Hour Students must also take classes 1 through 14;
    • 8 Hour Students must also take classes 9, 10 & 11;
    • Classes can ben taken in any order.
    • If you are 18 years or older, the 8 Hour Course consists of  classes 9, 10, 11 & 14.
  • Registration is required for all classes in advance;
    • Class schedules are on our website calendars.
    • We are limited to 40 students per class by the DMV
  • In order to receive credit for class students must:
    • Actively participate in the entire 2 hour class online;
    • Complete the quiz at the end of each class and have the quiz signed by a parent (electronically)
  • Students may only take one (1) class a day during school days.  Students can take two (2) classes on non-school days (weekends and holidays).
  • If you have any questions about online classes, please email:


Here’s a tutorial video on how to register for classes:

Here is our 30 Hour Class Calendar:

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