This week we’ve seen a rash of violent road rage incidents that have ended in violent encounters and arrests.

While the chance of finding yourself in one of these extreme situations is low, do you know what you should do if it does happens to you?

Here are a few things we tell our students at Fresh Green Light during their driver education classes about how to handle Road Rage.

  1. Roll up your windows and lock your doors. Seems simple right? But if someone is approaching your car, the last thing you want if for them to be able to open your door and engage with you.
  2. Don’t engage at all and call 911 immediately. You want the police to know what’s happening as soon as possible and to know where you are and which way you are heading. You also want the attacker to see that you’re taking action which might cause them to back down.
  3. High speed chases are for movies and the police, so if possible, drive away from the situation at a reasonable speed and head to the nearest police department. . If you can’t find a police station, try to find a very public location where there are lots of people so a confrontation is less likely.

A lot of this is common sense, but when something unexpected like Road Rage occurs, our emotions tend to take over. Remember, driving is a serious activity that takes all of our attention when we’re behind the wheel.

The more alert you are, the better prepared you will be when something unexpected happens.

Have you encountered extreme Road Rage? If so, how did you handle it?