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How to become a certified CT Driving Instructor?  
In order to become a certified CT Driving Instructor, you must complete the following coursework at a CT Certified Master Instructor and School 

In addition to completing this course, in order to work as a driving instructor you must complete the following:

Once you complete the coursework, you're required to take a 50 question, multiple-choice quiz where you must get at least 40 answers correct.

After passing your written test, you must also pass an in-car proficiency test with a CT DMV Testing Agent. 

Fresh Green Light offers this course to non-Fresh Green Light employees several times a year.  Classes take place during the weekday over the course of 2 weeks at our Fairfield, CT classroom.

The cost for the entire course, including all classes and coordination with the DMV for testing is $ 699. 

If you're interested in learning when our next course will take place, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with our schedule.

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